Product Overview - The UFC of the Metaverse

Taunt Battleworld is an exciting new fighting game that brings the thrill of the UFC to the virtual world of the metaverse. Players can collect various Acolyte Warriors (NFTs) to and compete against one another in a game of skill and strategy. With Taunt Battleworld, players can train their fighters, discover new abilities, and devise winning strategies to emerge victorious in battle. Taunt Battleworld is developed by industry veterans from Amazon, EA, and THQ.

Inspired by classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Taunt Battleworld is designed to be easy to learn but difficult to master. With intuitive gameplay mechanics and a wide variety of fighters to choose from, players need to understand their warrior attributes, fighting styles, and personalities to be successful in a fighting simulation format.

While gameplay is important, so is the viewing experience. Within Battleworld the blood thirsty audience can dictate the fate of warriors through the Taunt Live platform. Competition lives within all facets of Battleworld including viewership. Viewers can win prizes by watching and predicting what happens during matches all for FREE. Social voting will allow warriors to receive special weapons, boosts, and moves.

Within the game players can:

Fight (PvP): Enter your warriors into tournaments and win championships to impress the Old Gods while earning valuable digital collectables.

Train: Power up your fighters through mini games and training sessions

Strategize: Deploy strategies pre match, between rounds, and mid-match to defeat your opponent

Players start with free characters and can earn powerful more valuable characters through engagement and gameplay. No investment is necessary

- Take your most valuable warriors and combine them to create new warriors to enter into Battleworld

Licensed IP
- Use your favorite combat sports athletes, Web3 characters, and rappers as playable warriors in the game

- Earn valuable in game items just for watching tournaments and interacting with the community

- Win valuable in-game items for free by competing with the community in leaderboard-based prediction contests 24/7 through the revolutionary patented TAUNT Interactive Platform.

$TAUNT powers this in-game utility

Market Opportunity

Gaming is expected to grow exponentially. Player Owned Assets (POA) are valuable to gamers
Combining Gaming + Live Entertainment (Esports) Increases User Acquisition Opportunity through Content Distribution


User Acquisition and Price of Entry


SolutionFrictionless Gaming + Hyper Player Value Creation is Key to Mass Adoption

Token Utility and Topology


Taunt Battleworld leverages the powerful technology of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create new gaming and entertainment experiences. A quality gaming experience not only encompasses actual gameplay but also the live viewing experience. To that end, $TAUNT will power games with live viewership in mind and create gameplay for viewers as well as traditional players in parallel.