$TAUNT powers interactive gaming experiences within Web3 and Blockchain Gaming
Introducing Taunt Battleworld, the ultimate digital collectible fighting game for the metaverse. With an immersive social platform, Taunt Battleworld allows players to engage in free-to-play and esports competitions while also enjoying the benefits of player-owned assets. Play as combat sports legends, your favorite web3 characters, or deadly Acolyte Warriors to defeat your opponent.

Fight (PvP)

Enter your warriors into tournaments and win championships to impress the Old Gods while earning valuable digital collectables.


Power up your fighters through mini-games and training sessions.


Deploy strategies pre match, between rounds, and mid-match to defeat your opponent.


Players start with free characters and can earn powerful, more valuable characters through engagement and gameplay. No investment is necessary.


Take your most valuable warriors and combine them to create new warriors to enter into Battleworld.

Licensed IP

Use your favorite combat sports athletes, Web3 characters, and rappers as playable warriors in the game.


Earn valuable in game items just for watching tournaments and interacting with the community.


Win valuable in-game items for free by competing with the community in leaderboard-based prediction contests 24/7 through the revolutionary, patented TAUNT Interactive Platform.