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$TAUNT powers interactive video experiences for GameFi and GambleFi through tokenized engagement
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Live streaming within the realms of GameFi and GambleFi is poised to become a crucial factor in driving blockchain technology into mainstream adoption. By equipping content creators and developers with blockchain-enabled tools to drive tokenized engagement, we anticipate a fundamental shift in how future generations engage with and consume content, offering incentives that significantly enhance user experience.
The TAUNT Network aims to assemble the world’s top developers to help create and build the next wave of products that will transform the live viewing experience.


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our products

Battleworld, the ultimate digital collectible fighting game for the metaverse. With an immersive social platform, Battleworld allows players to engage in free-to-play and esports competitions while also enjoying the benefits of player-owned assets. Play as combat sports legends, your favorite web3 characters, or deadly Acolyte Warriors to defeat your opponent.
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Fight (PvP)

Enter your warriors into tournaments and win championships to impress the Old Gods while earning valuable digital collectables.


Power up your fighters through mini-games and training sessions.


Earn valuable in game items just for watching tournaments and interacting with the community.
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The Taunt Live platform is a dynamic suite of features for live video, including real-time audience tracking, customizable avatars, leaderboards, and branded skins. Our platform supports various content creators, from broadcast teams to subscribers, and ensures seamless cross-platform accessibility. Through blockchain technology we tokenize all engagement through our product suite allowing game developers and content creators to create products to gamify video experiences
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We are proud to announce our partnership with the Forevver Association, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Switzerland with a mission to advance transparent, decentralized, and open technology applications in the realm of gaming. Established on July 13, 2023, the Forevver Association is committed to supporting both commercial and non-commercial activities aligned with its core purpose. Through this partnership, we have access to leverage the DevvX platform, cryptocurrency DevvE, and the ability to utilize the technology IP associated with the DevvX Blockchain. With our combined efforts, we aim to drive innovation and promote the enhancement of Tokenized Engagement.

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