What is $TAUNT and how is it issued?

$TAUNT is a cryptographic token integral to the functionality of the Taunt Network ecosystem. It is created as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring compatibility with the existing infrastructure. The team may elect to provide liquidity on other blockchains.

What is the Forevver Foundation and how does it relate to $TAUNT?

The Forevver Foundation is the official token issuer of $TAUNT. Forevver Association, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Switzerland with a mission to advance transparent, decentralized, and open technology applications in the realm of gaming. Established on July 13, 2023, the Forevver Association is committed to supporting both commercial and non-commercial activities aligned with its core purpose. With our combined efforts, we aim to drive innovation and promote the enhancement of Tokenized Engagement

What is the impact of live streaming in the gaming realm on blockchain adoption?

Live streaming within the gaming sector is expected to significantly propel blockchain technology into mainstream usage. This trend highlights the growing importance of interactive and immersive experiences in digital entertainment.

How does blockchain technology benefit content creators and developers?

By providing blockchain-enabled tools for creating innovative products through tokenized engagement, we anticipate a fundamental shift in how future generations engage with and consume content. This approach not only revolutionizes content delivery but also offers enhanced incentives for a better user experience.

What is the goal of the TAUNT Network in this evolving landscape?

The TAUNT Network is dedicated to recruiting top global developers to forge and advance a new generation of products that will redefine the live viewing experience. Our mission is to lead the way in transformative entertainment solutions.

What developments are underway at TAUNT Network?

We are currently in the Alpha development stage for two pioneering products that leverage tokenized engagement. These products demonstrate the practical utility of the $TAUNT token and exemplify our commitment to enhancing how content is experienced and monetized.

What is Taunt Live?

Social Blockchain enabled live streaming overlay platform that enables gameplay, wagering, and tokenized engagement for any content creator

What is Battleworld?

Battleworld is an innovative digital collectible game that leverages the blockchain to reward players and spectators with $TAUNT tokens, which are used to enhance in-game utility. Battleworld also serves as  proof of concept game for the Taunt Live platform.

What can players do with $TAUNT in Battleworld?

Players can use $TAUNT to acquire various in-game items:
Battle Passes: Seasonal passes unlocking exclusive content.
Breeding Fees: Fees that allow players to generate rare NFTs.
Player Characters: Essential for gameplay, with rarer characters being more potent.
Taunts: Special animations that enhance $TAUNT earnings.
Power-ups/Boosts: Temporary items that enhance a player’s combat statistics.
Skins: Cosmetic changes to a player's appearance.
Entry Fee Packs: Items that excuse players from game entry fees.
Weapons and Enhancements: Persistent NFTs that boost player abilities.
All earnings and rewards from tournaments are also disbursed in $TAUNT.

How is governance structured in the $TAUNT ecosystem?

$TAUNT tokens serve as governance tokens, enabling holders to propose and vote on community-driven changes to the platform.

What is the voting process for $TAUNT governance?

The voting process involves three phases: an initial call for proposals on the community forum, a consensus vote through a Taunt Improvement Proposal (TIP), and the subsequent implementation of approved proposals.

What decisions can be made through the voting process?

Decisions typically include the allocation and other strategic uses of the token that benefit the community.

How can players acquire $TAUNT?

Players can earn $TAUNT by participating in Taunt Battleworld or by purchasing them. Additional acquisition details will be available on this website as the launch date approaches.

When will $TAUNT be available for use?

$TAUNT is projected to be available for in-game use in Q3 2024