What is $TAUNT and how is it issued?
$TAUNT is a cryptographic token that powers the Taunt Battleworld ecosystem. It is issued as a native ERC-20 token on Ethereum for compatibility with existing infrastructure.
What is Polygon and how is it used in relation to $TAUNT?
Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain solution that is implemented for all on-platform transactions in order to reduce settlement times and transaction fees.
What is Taunt Battleworld?
Taunt Battleworld is a digital collectible game that rewards players and spectators with cryptographic token $TAUNT to be used for in-game utility.
What is the relationship between Taunt Battleworld and $TAUNT?
Taunt Battleworld and Taunt Limited Ltd are two separate companies with a shared vision developing interactive gameplay for players and viewers using blockchain technology. Taunt Battleworld is the first game to use $TAUNT to power in-game utility.
What can players do in Taunt Battleworld with $TAUNT?
Players can purchase the following items in game:
Battle Passes- Season passes that allow for unique content
Breeding Fees- Allows players to create additional rare NFTs
Player Characters – necessary for gameplay. Rarer NFTs are generally more powerful.
Taunts – finishing and in-game animations, increase $TAUNT earned in gameplay
Power-ups/Boosts – single use NFTs can be deployed during gameplay to temporarily
increase a player’s fighting stats
Skins – change the way a player appears, one-time use NFTs
Entry Fee Packs – single-use NFTs that enable a players to waive the entry fee for
Weapons – persistent NFTs that increase a players strength or defense
Enhancements - persistent NFTs that increase a certain player attributes during
All tournament earnings and rewards will be paid in $TAUNT
What is Taunt Limited Ltd’s role with $TAUNT?
To develop use cases and partnerships for $TAUNT while finding new and interesting use cases to grow the vision. We provide the foundation that users can build upon. In addition, we are responsible for facilitating, maintaining, developing, and managing the daily operations of the ecosystem.
How will governance work?
$TAUNT tokens are both governance tokens and allow token holders to propose and vote on community changes to the platform.
How does the voting process work?
The voting process consists of three steps: an initial solicitation of interest on the community forum, a consensus vote in the form of a Taunt Improvement Proposal (TIP), and implementation.
What types of decisions can be proposed and voted on?
Examples of decisions that may be candidates for proposals and votes include uses for tokens acquired in buybacks.
Where can a player get $TAUNT?
A player can earn $TAUNT in Taunt Battleworld or purchase them. Check back on this website periodically closer to launch for more information.
When will $TAUNT be available?
We expect $TAUNT to be available by the end of Q1 2023 for in-game use.